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All About APTS Programming

Alternative Paths Training School provides an outlined Curriculum, Assessment and Progress Monitoring Plan that includes both formal and informal assessment tools, progress monitoring methods, and an outline of curriculum supports which enable our instructional staff, behavior support personnel, and classroom facilitators to provide quality instructional and behavioral services to students within our program. We also actively work towards maintaining a diverse and rich curriculum and resource library in an effort to ensure high quality multi-disciplinary service provision to each learner.

Formal assessment of students occurs during intake at the time of enrollment/acceptance, as well as at least once annually for the purpose of obtaining objective and quantifiable data that can be used to support decision making with regards to grade level placement and advancement, IEP planning and supports, and overall instructional support provided in the classroom. Additional supplemental assessments in the areas of academics, behavioral/social emotional, and vocational skills are provided annually to students based off of need.

APTS Program Sheets

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