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Behavioral Services

Each student at APTS is supported by a Behavior Analyst/Specialist who is responsible for conducting various behavioral assessments (e.g., Preference Assessments, Functional Assessment Observations, Functional Assessment Interviews, etc.) in order to develop effective strategies for decreasing undesired behaviors and increasing desired replacement behaviors.  Results from these assessments are then utilized to develop a comprehensive Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) for each student.  Through daily data collection, as well as the input of each student’s collaborative team, the effectiveness of these plans is continuously evaluated and monitored.  When students have demonstrated behavioral stability within the structured classroom setting, APTS strives to promote the generalization and maintenance of these skills to various domains (e.g., community settings, individuals, the home, etc.).
APTS® utilizes the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to promote behavioral stability and facilitate academic instruction for each student.  ABA is a science that examines relations between behavior and the environment.  ABA therapy can be utilized to increase desired (adaptive) behaviors, such as self care, communication, social, and academic skills, as well as decrease undesired (maladaptive) behaviors, such as aggression to property, physical aggression, and self-injurious behavior.
APTS® behavioral services works with organizations and/or families to provide effective training and consultative services based on the unique needs of individuals with disabilities within an Applied Behavior Analysis framework.  APTS® offers behavioral services in the form of crisis stabilization, Functional Behavioral Assessment, Behavior Intervention Plan development, direct modeling and training, data analysis, and outcome measurement to family members/caregivers and staff.  Our consultants work with these individuals to create person-centered programming that provides direct support throughout the implementation process. We also conduct interactive workshops to work closely with organizations in creating custom-designed workshops that focus on the use of behavior analysis tools for professionals with the context of their own supportive environments.  Our services are aimed at empowering the family and/or organization to become their own best resource in effecting long-lasting behavioral growth for those in their care.  APTS® staff has experience working in a diverse population of individuals with special needs and provides training in best practice strategies in working with them in community-based settings such as school, home, group homes, and vocational settings.This program is supported in part by the Fairfax County Consolidated Community Funding Pool.