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Community Outreach Behavior Consultation Program (COBC)

APTS® behavioral services works with organizations and/or families to provide effective training and consultative services based on the unique needs of individuals with disabilities within an Applied Behavior Analysis framework.  
APTS® offers behavioral services in the form of crisis stabilization, Functional Behavioral Assessment, Behavior Intervention Plan development, direct modeling and training, data analysis, and outcome measurement to family members/caregivers and staff.  
Our consultants work with these individuals to create person-centered programming that provides direct support throughout the implementation process. We also conduct interactive workshops to work closely with organizations in creating custom-designed workshops that focus on the use of behavior analysis tools for professionals with the context of their own supportive environments.  
Our services are aimed at empowering the family and/or organization to become their own best resource in effecting long-lasting behavioral growth for those in their care.  
APTS® staff has experience working in a diverse population of individuals with special needs and provides training in best practice strategies in working with them in community-based settings such as school, home, group homes, and vocational settings.
This program is supported in part by the Fairfax County Consolidated Community Funding Pool.
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