5/12 is School Nurse Appreciation Day!

5/12 is School Nurse Appreciation Day!!! 

A huge, special, “thank you” to Nurse Sue, Nurse Mina, Nurse D, Nurse Jenn and Nurse Freda

Today is School Nurse Day! Give your nurses a HUGE “thank you”! 

We applaud the endless contributions school nurses make every day to improve the health, safety, and academic success of all students and staff.

This year, more than ever, all members of our school communities, school nurses included, have been required to take on unprecedented roles and adapt quickly to changes in their jobs.  It has been a reflection of the significant roles school nurses play in the health care of their school communities to help make a healthier place for children and families to learn and grow during this crisis.

To our nurses, thank you, endlessly, for all that you do. 

“May all the care and kindness you give to others come back to warm your hearts”.


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