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Learn about the people who turn APTS’s vision and mission into reality.

Program Facilitators 

Ms. Angel

Meet Ms. Angel, one of our bright and tenacious Program Facilitators!
Ms. Angel is a DMV native, born in DC, but raised in several parts of Maryland, where she still currently resides. She is a Crossland High School alumna and is currently working toward her degree in Psychology from Prince George’s Community College.
Having experience with a family member and peers with special needs, Ms. Angel found the field of Special Education to be intriguing. She always wondered what she could do to help and decided to branch out and explore the possibilities.
In December of 2019, Ms. Angel joined APTS. Here, her main focus as a Program Facilitator is to keep her students safe, and to serve as an academic and behavioral model for them. Being able to teach and see her students’ progress gives her a real sense of purpose and accomplishment. “Knowing you played a part in someone’s learning is an awesome feeling,” she says.
Ms. Angel also serves as a resource for new staff. She takes pride in training and passing along every ounce of her knowledge, so that incoming staff can start off with a strong foundation. To Ms. Angel, it’s all about pouring into everyone around her so that they can, in turn, continue to pour into the students.
Eventually, she hopes to branch out into different positions at APTS. Be it: Team Leader, Pod Manager, Teacher or Administration; Ms. Angel is a versatile team player who enjoys the experience of every opportunity she goes after.
On a personal note, to know Ms. Angel is to know that she is incredibly patient, hard-working and loves to bring in the humor to all that she does. She is serious in her work, but a self-proclaimed “class clown” who enjoys making others smile.
In her free time, you can catch her playing video games, singing and writing music, coloring, writing stories to keep her mind agile, laughing at “corny” jokes or keeping in contact with friends. With her working degree in Psychology, one of her life goals is to become a child and adolescent psychologist and use her skills and big heart to give back to her community.

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite color: Blue
  • Philosophy she lives by: Always put your best foot forward at everything you do. No matter how hard it is, or how hard it becomes, keep the mindset of doing the best you can do.
  • Dogs or cats: Cats
  • Social cause she cares about: Black Lives Matter
  • Favorite season: Fall and Spring
  • Favorite food: Chicken wings

Ms. Angel’s Tip for Other Staff Members:
Always rely on and push your team. You are only as strong as your team is, so ask questions, and don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. If you have an opinion or idea, make sure it gets heard. Your ideas may stem out and help others. You never know.

Ms. Marche

Meet Ms. Marche!

Ms. Marche has been working with students at APTS for two years as a Program Facilitator.

From the time she was little, Ms. Marche says it was ingrained in her to work in this field. In third grade, she partnered with a student who was blind, assisting her in navigating around school and learning to read braille. She deeply appreciates being able to serve such a unique population of students.

One of her greatest joys about working in Special Education is being able to see the progress students make, and how they demonstrate their understanding of the things they learn from her.

Ms. Marche gives her all each day and is never seen without a smile on her face. She attributes her happiness to her passion and love for everything that comes along with the job. 

When Ms. Marche’s not with her students, she enjoys relaxing by reading books and watching shows. She is also currently studying for a certification in IT Security.

Ms. Marche wants to give her love and thanks to the late Mr. Pete, as well as her thanks to Mr. Matt for helping her get the opportunity to be awarded Program Facilitator of the Year!

Ms. Marche’s Tip for All Other PF’s:
Always give it your all. Keep the love and passion, and take it day by day. 

Mr. Sam

Meet Mr. Sam!

Mr. Sam is a one of our wonderful Program Facilitators! He has been with us since May of 2018 and recently earned the title of “Program Facilitator of the Year” at his campus!

In the classroom, Mr. Sam appreciates the time he gets to spend with students. “I really like building a rapport with [them]. Learning common interests and building trust is really rewarding”, he says. He also enjoys the fact that no two days look exactly alike, which keeps his job exciting.

During his tenure with APTS, Mr. Sam has seen significant progress in many students. He says that although it may not seem like change takes place as quickly in the moment, when you look back, it’s hugely encouraging to recognize the social, educational, and behavioral improvements over the long term.

In his personal time, Mr. Sam enjoys reading, playing board games, rock climbing, watching horror movies. After having attended the University of Mary Washington, where he received his Bachelor’s in English, he likes to develop his interest in learning about other languages. He’s also very excited for his upcoming new role as an uncle!

Give Mr. Sam a wave next time you see him at school!

Mr. Sam Tip for All Other PF’s:
Really rely on your senior staff/behavior team, they’re there for a reason and appreciate it when you take time to ask questions and better understand the field.


Ms. Allison

Meet Ms. Allison!

Ms. Allison is one of our awesome Teachers who has recently earned the title of “Teacher of the Year” at her campus!

Ms. Allison started at APTS as a Program Facilitator, and moved into teaching a year later.

She is currently pursuing a second Master’s degree in Special Education from Liberty University, but previously earned her Bachelor’s degree in Special Education, and first Master’s degree in Teaching and Learning Special Education also from Liberty. Eventually, her goal is to obtain a Doctorate in Special Education.

Out of the many things Ms. Allie enjoys about working with her students, one would be observing their growth academically, socially, and behaviorally. She recalls an instance which she considers to be he best teaching moment so far with a student she had been working with for two years. At the time, he was only able to sit at his desk and complete an academic task for less than 1 minute. After working with him consistently for two years, he was able to sit at his desk for over 30 minutes working on an academic task.

Her consistency, technique and passion make her a great asset. Ms. Allie says, “I have a passion for working with individuals with special needs and behavioral needs. I started volunteering in this field when I was in 6th grade. I can’t imagine having a career outside of this field. I know this is where I’m supposed to be”.

As an accomplished, and goal driven person, R&R is important! In her free time, Ms. Allison enjoys working out, playing flag football or softball, and attending sporting event and concerts.

Ms. Allison recently surpassed 4 years at APTS in September 2020! Here’s to many more!

Ms. Taylor

Introducing, Ms. Taylor!

Ms. Taylor has been with APTS for two years and began teaching one year ago!

She attended Virginia Commonwealth University where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. She is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Education/Special Education.  

Ms. Taylor’s favorite thing about working with her students is witnessing their growth in their behavior.  Seeing them utilize different coping strategies they’ve learned to aid them in controlling their behavior(s) really makes her smile!

In the classroom, some of her best teaching moments have come during those “Aha!” moments during math lessons. She says that there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the look on their faces and hearing, “Ooh, I get it!” as the student goes on to make the connection and actually apply the mathematics.

Ms. Taylor says, “every one of my students has a unique personality– I enjoy teaching in a space where we can learn, smile and laugh freely!”.

When she’s not teaching, Ms. Taylor enjoys a good meal! Traveling and trying different ethnic cuisines is her idea of a fun time. Some of her most enjoyed dishes come from the Middle Eastern country, Yemen! She also enjoys spending time with family and friends -Sharing laughs, playing cornhole and eating foods off the grill.

Ms. Taylor’s Tip for Other Teachers: 
Ask all of the questions! Lean on your colleagues for advice! Ask questions about classroom procedures, grading, how to write IEPs & other important reports. I’ve learned most  experienced professionals enjoy sharing their expertise!  

Ms. Joelle

Say hello to Ms. Joelle!

Ms. Joelle is one of our Special Education Teachers who was recently awarded “Teacher of the Year” at her campus!

She joined APTS a year and a half ago, and has made fantastic strides with her students since.

Prior to joining APTS, Ms. Joelle graduated from the State University of NY, Oneonta with a BS in Secondary Education/Social Studies, and attended Johns Hopkins school of Education for Special Education K-12 General Curriculum/Elementary Education. Currently she is in the APTS Cohort program at George Mason studying Special Education Adapted Curriculum.

Before entering the Special Education field, Ms. Joelle had intended to become a nurse! Upon realizing she had an aversion to needles, she changed course and discovered her passion for teaching in Special Education.

She finds the field incredibly rewarding and enjoys being able to bond and make a real impact in the lives of her students and their families. She also appreciates the camaraderie and teamwork that comes along with teaching in such a unique field.

One of her favorite teaching moments came during a lesson she taught one afternoon last summer. Despite it having been a challenging and rowdy morning, Ms. Joelle proceeded to group students together for a lesson that involved building ramps to race matchbox cars on. Seeing her students so engaged in the lesson and working together flawlessly really made Ms. Joelle feel awesome.

Ms. Joelle is excited for all of the great classroom moments to come with her students attending both in person and virtually. She looks forward to connecting with her students and helping them build up their confidence in learning.

Ms. Joelle’s Tip for Other Teachers: 
The best piece of advice that I received was from Mr. Mike on my first day, and that was to try to make relationships with your students and to not take behaviors personally.

Ms. Millie

Meet, Ms. Millie:

Ms. Millie is one of our amazing teachers! She has been with us since November 2018 and was recently awarded “Teacher of the Year” at her campus!

Ms. Millie brings an extensive background in Special Education. She received her Undergraduate Degree from the University of Alabama, and master’s degree from the College of Charleston, both surrounding the fields of Learning and Intellectual Disabilities. Ms. Millie is also a Certified Neurofeedback Practitioner. In previous roles, she worked as a tutor, where she integrated biofeedback into her education sessions.

Ms. Mille has a great appreciation for her student’s differences. She enjoys helping them discover their gifts and uncovering what makes them tick. One of her favorite quotes reads, “My life calling is fulfilling a parent’s dream of assisting their child in developing educational, emotional, and relationship potentials as every child should have the door opened to achieve optimal brain performance.”

When it comes to working with her students, she keeps an open mindset and always makes herself available to learning new things.

When she’s not being a rockstar in the classroom, she’s a rockstar at home! Ms. Millie practiced steel guitar, and even took lessons from Buddy Charleton from Ernest Tubb’s Texas Troubadours. She also enjoys crafting and sells her hand-made marbleized fabrics scarves, bandanas, paper, and other items.

Be sure to say “hi” next time you see her on campus!

Ms. Millie’s Tip for Other Teachers: 
Be open to learning every day, whether it’s from students or staff teaching you a new method. Always be open, and ask other people for suggestions.

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