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“Our mission abroad is to tear down the walls which separate refugee children with disabilities from a better quality of life through education, training and modeling for their families and caregivers.”
– Al El Tagi, CEO

With the founding of our first school in 2002, APTS’ simple mission was to provide students with the knowledge and practical skills essential for their successful integration back into the single county community.

Since that time, thanks to our amazing staff, students and their families, and other stakeholders, we have grown and continue to expand. With this expansion, we began sensing that we needed to revisit our goals. As we began developing a logo for our school, we discovered that our very actions clearly showed us that we were Charting a Path to Success!

With each additional campus in various locations, we seemed to have been guided on a course, destined to be. Hence, the idea of our logo today: that of a compass and a chart. The reexamining of our goals has produced in us a firm resolve to effect positive changes in the lives of individuals experiencing the severest behavioral challenges and in need of supports locally, regionally, nationally, and now, internationally. While locally, our campuses extend between Alexandria and Fredericksburg, Virginia respectively, APTS’ work is also reflected in China, Dubai and most recently, Jordan.

This has all been possible thanks to the rich guidance from local counties, state agencies, the U.S. state departments, and world aid organizations.

Our dream that students and other individuals with special needs be able to find a safe, supportive path of growth and opportunity within APTS or with APTS’ assistance is being realized as we seek those most needy.

In Jordan for instance, we found those most in need: they have no means. There is a common expression our Team would hear when locals were asked when might their needs be met. They would simply reply, “Insha’Allah”, which interpreted from Arabic, is: “one day, God willing.” The needs are the very basic: food, clothing, shelter/safety and education. They are needs every child deserves, and it pains us to see such basic needs go unattended.

Today, APTS dreams of hastening that “one day, God willing” come to fruition. APTS’ hopes of reaching out to children with the most severe behaviors in Appalachia America also pounds deep within our hearts. Whether the child hails from Fairfax County, Appalachia or Jordan, we seek to find and serve them.

It is our good fortune to be able to optimize and forge strong relationships around the world; by doing so, it enables us to become a bridge and to break barriers. We believe each of us has a role to play should we desire to exercise it. APTS has set its course to play its role.

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