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Alternative Paths Training School

With a global perspective, we imagine each individual who comes our way in need of interventions, whether academically, behaviorally, emotionally or other, being able to successfully reintegrate mainstream society, and perform to their highest potential.

To provide students with the knowledge and practical skills essential for their successful integration into the community.

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“Charting a Path to Success”

Our Story
Co-Founder, Al El Tagi, discovered his passion for supporting individuals with disabilities in 1986 while volunteering for the Special Olympics. For co-founder, Susan (Sue) Gross (retired), it began during her early college years. Years later, a mutual work experience placed them in each other’s paths, “An Alternative Path.”  This set into motion a vision for what has now become APTS.  “Over the years, we have been asked many times why we, here at APTS, do such important and difficult work.”  The answer has always been crystal clear; because it needs to be done.  By implementing our unique behavior modification techniques, we have seen the transformations that have occurred when students learn new and adaptive strategies for accessing opportunities through alternative behavioral and learning patterns while here at APTS.  APTS is not just a school but an organization that focuses on serving individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and other developmental disabilities.  “Tearing down the walls that separate individuals with disabilities from a better quality of life®” has become OUR slogan.  Our Students, clients in the community, and their families continue to teach us about perseverance, bravery, humor in the face of adversity, and above all, the joy found in each success.  There is no story more compelling than our continued passion in assisting each person along that alternative path.