Face Covering Update

To our student’s families, staff, and other stakeholders,

An important change to our face covering practices for students:

Students will continue to be encouraged, but not required to wear face coverings during the school day. Face coverings will also continue to be evaluated by the school nurses and administrative team for health and safety as well as appropriateness.  If a face covering is determined to not be safe or appropriate, a student may be asked to change into a disposable mask or wear a different mask. APTS staff will continue to work on encouraging and teaching appropriate mask-wearing behavior with our students.

Based on best available data regarding effective face masks and in collaboration with the local health department:


  • Students will now be allowed to wear masks with valves
  • Students will continue to NOT be allowed to wear neck gaiters  


The above recommendations will continue to be re-evaluated and updated as new research and guidelines are presented.

It should be noted: If a student displays COVID-19 symptoms they will be asked to wear a surgical mask until a parent/guardian arrives to pick the student up.

Face covering requirements for staff have not changed at this time. 

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact your school administrative and nursing team.  

Thank you,

APTS Deputy Directors and School Nursing Team


APTS Deputy Directors and School Nursing Team