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APTS HealthyPath 10 Core Nutrition Rules

  1. Water is our primary beverage provided for students – bottled or filtered in pitcher. It may be lightly flavored with fruit. Capri sun, energy drinks, fruit mixes, or Kool-Aid are not purchased with school funds.
  2. Milk choices offered daily are (regular milk, chocolate milk, or skim milk) is available for breakfast and lunch if student tolerates lactose. Chocolate milk may be chosen up to 3 days a week.
  3. Breads are whole grain, whole wheat, and/or multigrain and have limited added sugars.
  4. Students may choose menu of the day, or the default peanut butter/jelly sandwich with two slices of bread, apple, or applesauce. Students may not have same menu 5 days a week; and is for the menu for that day, or backup option.
  5. Consistent APTS 5-day Menus: breakfast, snack, and lunch menu are developed and used for all campuses; food is purchased with these menus as guidelines. Menus are uniform across all campuses, excluding individualized menus for students with special dietary needs.
  6. Students’ allergies and metabolic issues identified include medical problems, food intolerance and multiple food allergies; students are advised by School Nurse and Nutritionist to develop an individual school lunch plan, and staff work with parents to provide consistency at home and school. Identified issues are posted and widely communicated to ensure student safety. 
  7. Daily fresh and whole foods: fruit and cut, raw vegetables will be offered at snack and/or lunch. Food is purchased weekly or every two weeks and is under supervision of nursing or nutritionist staff. Signage includes an invitation to staff and students to test, taste, and record their likes and dislikes on various food items.
  8. Smoothies, snacks, and sides with appropriate ingredient signage are made and offered to students often. Smoothies include fresh and frozen fruit, yogurt, fruit juices such as orange and apple juice, coconut milk, flaxseed, frozen chopped vegetables, smoothies frozen and leftover from day before, etc. Pre-approved signage is displayed at every location that snacks and foods are offered, stating goals of HealthyPath and ingredients in that day’s selection.
  9. Portion control and good proteins choices: main entrees are correctly portioned for each student and is easily assembled by staff. Pre-packaged items purchased are monitored to ensure they are limited in saturated fats, cholesterol, and sodium and students will select menu of the day only, or alternate option.
  10. Emphasis on fiber and nutrition: Food choices in general are identified that are higher in fiber and nutrition, and lower in carbs, sodium, trans fats, and added sugars. They are promoted by menu introduction every quarter. The menus are posted on the school website and/or a monthly menu will be sent home for parents and guardians.