Virtual Assembly on 3/15 with Artist, Pete Morelewicz!

APTS will be featuring artist, Pete Morelewicz, next Tuesday 3/15! Staff and students will have a chance to discuss his work and ask questions. Read below for more on Pete!

“Hi. I’m Pete Morelewicz and I am a Fredericksburg, Virginia-based artist and graphic designer. I have spent my career visually communicating ideas and information for clients, whether it’s a business, a non-profit, or a fan of the arts. I have designed projects as tiny as squished pennies and as large as wall murals.

No matter the size, my work is marked by strong geometry, crisp lighting, and simple, evocative scenes. I’ll be showing some of my recent work that includes art commissions, public projects, and creations that are inspired by everyday observations. Hopefully my work will inspire you to make your own observations and to create your own art, too.

My work can be seen at LibertyTown Arts Workshop in Fredericksburg, on my mom’s refrigerator, and at

I look forward to visiting with you!”