The Alexandria Campus Has Opened Its Vocational Hallway! 

The Alexandria Campus has opened its vocational hallway! 

While there are still more features to come, the campus has begun utilizing its new classrooms with students to focus on independent living and job skills. 

The exciting new hallway will feature a series of staged locations, including a grocery store with a real cash register and vegetables from the campus garden, and a mock living space, featuring a bed, TV, place setting, drawers, and more for students to practice a variety of tasks. 

The production space features multiple independent task boxes and allows students to work on resume writing and crafting in a space unique from their typical classroom setting. 

Lastly, the hallway features a new and improved library space for students to not only visit as patrons but practice library job skills like organizing books and checking in resource items.

We’re always finding creative ways to provide opportunities for our students to learn and practice their skills. Stay tuned to hear more about the vocational hallway!