Butterflies are HERE!

To the APTS Parents, Guardians and Community:

As you may already know, APTS recently presented its Building Reopening Plan of Action  with a target building reopening date of September 8th, 2020. 

Throughout the duration of the APTS building closures, you may have seen our social media posts about “#butterfliescoming”. These posts were meant to symbolize and compare students being quarantined at home, to butterflies being wrapped in a cocoon, waiting to emerge and return to the world! 

With the return-to-school date rapidly approaching, APTS wanted to create an activity for students to complete at home, and to help make their return to school, whether in person, or virtual, special.

A package was mailed containing a t-shirt, card stock butterfly template, and non-toxic washable markers. We ask that you have your student decorate their t-shirt, using the markers provided or any other supplies you might have available. Also, please have your student decorate, cut out, and construct the butterfly. They can trace the template on cardboard, or simply use the card stock provided. Get as creative as you’d like! Additional butterfly templates will be available below. 

Once done, please take a photo of your student’s artwork and send an email to communications@aptsprograms.org, so that we can share it on our social media and website to commemorate this special and unprecedented time. 

Lastly, don’t forget to help your student keep the shirt in a safe space until the first day of school! Whether they plan to return in person, or continue distance learning, we hope to see our students in their decorated shirts! 

Thank you all, and we look forward to seeing our #butterfliescoming




Download (PDF)


Download (PDF)