2020/2021 Teachers and Program Facilitators of the Year!

Every day, we are incredibly proud to work with a staff comprised of such dedicated individuals. You all continuously go out of your way to support our students and your peers in any way that you can.

Each year, staff identify a Program Facilitator and Teacher from each campus that they believe to be especially deserving of some extra recognition for their efforts.

Introducing the 2020-2021 Teachers and Program Facilitators of the Year!!!!!!

Read the comments submitted by other APTS staff under each photo to learn how these individuals earned their title as Teacher or Program Facilitator of the Year.

Congratulations and HUGE thanks to all of you!

“Ms. Ashley has one of the toughest grade levels in the building. She has always been a great role model in the classroom. When COVID-19 forced us into a virtual environment, she quickly adapted and made changes that were appropriate and worked for her students. She’s someone I regularly go to for advice and I am so lucky to have her as one of my colleagues.”

“Year in and year out Ms. Ashley continues to go above and beyond for her students.
The fact she has done virtual for over a year is truly amazing. Her student population is not one that is necessarily the easiest to work with at times seeing as they are adults that are getting ready to move on to the real world. What Ashley does is do her very best to give the students the information that they will need to go out into the real world with some form of plan about what they would like to do. It is nothing flashy and it may not always be looked at as the “fun” class but what Ashley brings to APTS is a consistent and professional class that will benefit the students. She truly is a great teacher.”

“Ms. Ashley has been teaching virtually all throughout the 2020-2021 school year and
even though she has not had a physical presence in the students life, she has been able to keep them engaged in the virtual world. There have been a few times that I have popped into her room and she has been very professional, even though she was having to conduct a class with cats taking over the screens!”

“Ashley has always gone the extra mile to advocate for her students and this is very apparent in IEP meetings, as you can feel her passion for her students when she speaks about them! I also overhear other teachers in the hallway going to her for advice and she is always eager to help! Ms. Ashley is a great team player and motivator!”

“Ashley always goes above and beyond for her students. Not only does she have multiple grades, she also has our high school students so she is responsible for ensuring these students have what is needed for graduation requirements and that they are on the most beneficial track for their continued success. She is currently servicing our virtual students, however, she also lends a helping hand to others when needed or requested. Ashley takes time to listen and understand her students; she is an advocate for them.”

“Quanesha always has a smile on her face and is willing and eager to implement therapeutic strategies with my students in her classroom. She consistently accommodates changing schedules and is kind to staff as well as students. She brings a calm and strong demeanor that the students respond well to and staff is drawn to. Quanesha is such an amazing staff member and truly embodies the characteristics of a team player.”

“I would like to nominate Chesnea for facilitator of the year. Chesnea is always engaging with the students, whether it be during an academic block or SPA. She is extremely patient and kind. She keeps an even tone. I think that over the past year, she has done an exceptional job stepping in to teach or do whatever is asked of her. She is also very flexible.”

“Chesnea does a great job working with all the students in this building. She has a great rapport with the students and provides support in numerous ways. She’s a great coworker and I am always glad to have her in my classroom!”

“Chesnea is a great APTS employee. Chesnea is professional, timely, dependable, supportive and one that I enjoy working with. Chesnea always brings a positive attitude to the classroom and works well with all age groups of kids. I truly wish we had more staff like Chesnea that would make working with her as enjoyable as it has been for me and as beneficial as it has been for the students to work with her.”

“Every time that I have been called to see a student that is in a behavior or just came out of a behavior, and Ms. Chesnea is present, she has consistently shown great interaction with the students to help get them back on track or to cooperate for a body check. It is very rare that I walk into a room and she is not engaged with the students, whether playing a game with them during SPA time or helping them with an assignment. On a few occasions that the classroom teacher has been out, Ms. Chesnea has no hesitation to step up and fill the role of the teacher for that time. Ms. Chesnea’s consistency and willingness to step up has greatly benefited our students and her fellow coworkers, that is why I feel she deserves PF of the year!”

“Since beginning at APTS, she has always been a student centered employee. She puts the needs of our students first. She is a team player and shows compassion to both students and staff. She is a kind and genuine person with a heart of gold. She is also pursuing a career in counseling which speaks volumes about her ability to create a safe environment for our students. Chesnea steps up when needed or necessary and will fulfill any role within the classroom environment. She is an asset to our school and a positive role model for our students.”

“Chesnea is one of our most hardworking employees. Any time that I had to be out of work due to family emergencies, she practically ran the classroom by herself. She is incredibly dependable and a strong leader. Chesnea has wonderful rapport with staff and students. The students respect her and they all ask for her when she is not in the classroom. Chesnea keeps a calm demeanor in the most chaotic situations and always does the right thing, even when no one is looking. I cannot think of a more well-deserved nominee.”

“Mr. Reed shows a strong desire to provide the best for his students. He consistently works with his classroom staff and outside resources to identify materials, skills, and assessments appropriate for his students. Mr. Reed is always looking to increase the abilities of his students and keeps the goal of less restrictive services and availabilities at the forefront of his instruction. Mr Reed truly cares about his students and their successes.”

“Mr. Reed always looks to better his skill set to help his students meet/exceed their goals. He is very approachable and welcoming which correlates with his classroom’s environment. Mr. Reed has shown that he will go out of his way to help any one of his students’ families, even if it is providing support at a bus stop when asked to. Mr. Reed exemplifies the APTS mission and we’re excited to have him as a part of our team.”

“I would like to commend Sharmin Khan for her exemplary work as a valued APTS teacher. You will never see Sharmin without a smile on her face as she navigates throughout her day. She is always willing to learn and is never afraid to ask questions. Her dynamic enthusiasm shines through her students’ success. Great teachers possess good listening skills and take time out of their way-too-busy schedules for anyone who needs them. This is Sharmin.
Nine Characteristics of a Great Teacher: (1) A great teacher respects students. (2) A great teacher creates a sense of community and belonging in the classroom. (3) A great teacher is warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring. (4) A great teacher sets high expectations for all students. (5) A great teacher has his own love of learning (6) A great teacher is a skilled leader. (7) A great teacher can “shift-gears” (8) A great teacher collaborates with colleagues on an ongoing basis. (9) A great teacher maintains professionalism in all areas.
As I read each one of the above characteristics, I cannot think of one that Sharmin does not demonstrate.
APTS is very lucky to have Sharmin as one of our best teachers!”

“As we continued to face the ever-changing environment brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sharmin stayed focused on the mission of APTS by routinely mailing home detailed packets of work to students, outlining instructional schedules to families via email correspondence, and created interactive virtual lessons. Sharmin exemplified her ability to quickly adapt to change and take on the challenges of this school year.

 Sharmin is detailed in her instructional planning. Sharmin is thoughtful when considering her individual student’s needs and designs individualized lessons for them. Sharmin has worked diligently this year to learn new curriculum programs and how to successfully implement them within her classroom. Sharmin effectively communicates with staff and promotes a culture of positivity and teamwork within her classroom. Outside of the classroom, Sharmin is professional in her correspondence with families and county representatives.  

But most of all, outside of being a dedicated APTS teacher, Sharmin brings to the Alexandria campus a spirit of warmth and kindness. Her colleagues know that her door is always open and that she is available before and after school hours to help them. We are lucky to have Sharmin at the Alexandria campus and excited to continue to support her as she grows and develops in her career.”

“Mr. Bryant is a brilliant facilitator to work with, because he is always taking the initiative to help our class run smoothly.”

“Mr. Bryant has grown a lot over the past year and has took a great stride in not only assisting students with academic and behavior support, but always is willing to do what is asked of him when ensuring their health and safety. This in turn, made Bryant a trustworthy staff member in a short amount of time because of his student-first approach.”

“Ms. Z’s flexibility, organization, and hard work shine though in all she does. Ms. Z is one who seeks to constantly learn and grow aiding in student development, creating a continuous teamwork environment. She shares her knowledge and seeks feedback allowing for creative discourse to generate effective measures as we problem solve. Congratulations again Ms. Z, I look forward to your continued development as a teacher!”

“Ms. Liz has been a great resource for de-escalation of student behaviors. Her diligence in the classroom has aided in student development. She is a continuous team player and frequently brings in outside knowledge to peak student interest. Congratulations Ms. Liz, we look forward to our continued work with you and your development!”

Congratulations to all of the Teachers and Program Facilitators of the Year and thank you for going above and beyond. 

To all of you: We truly could not have asked for a better staff. Thank you for everything you do for our students.