Meaningful May: Let’s find ways to be part of something bigger

via: Action for Happiness 


Hello, Wonderful APTS Community:

Action for Happiness has released their May 2022 calendar and the upcoming month is all about…meaningfulness😊

When it comes to mental wellness, having a sense of purpose and meaning is essential for the psyche. Being part of something bigger than ourselves, focusing on the thing we value, and having motivations and meaning is vital for our wellbeing. This strategy is tied to how we evolved as mammals: working cooperatively in herds. Each member had/has their purpose to promote the safety, stability, longevity, and connection of that herd. 
Suffice it to say, in May, let’s take time to reflect on what we care about and what we value. The Meaningful May calendar is full of actions we can take to promote well-being through purposefulness, meaning, and value. We particularly like May 7th’s action: “Write a List of What Matters To You Most”. (Attachment)
As always with Action for Happiness: attitudes and moods are contagious – are yours worth catching?
Here’s to a Meaningful May! 
Your Counseling Team