Jump Back Up July: Daily Actions to Help You Bounce Back

The APTS Counseling Team presents Action for Happiness’s “Jump Back Up July” Calendar!
This calendar provides daily actions that help you find ways to bounce back. Read on for a blog from the
Counselors on how you can “Jump Back Up” this July! 
Happy July! ☀ Action for Happiness has released their July calendar and this month is all about resilience. Resilience doesn’t mean never failing, struggling, or feeling hardships. Resilience means “jumping back up”, and moving through struggle more effectively. When we have resilience, we harness our inner strength to rebound from a setback or challenge.
Resilience does not make problems go away – but resilience can give you insight, the ability to move through or overcome, and find enjoyment in life despite what, at times feels like, a bombardment of negativity. 
When it comes to cultivating resilience here are 3 simple counselor-brain hacks 💭
1.) Change The Narrative. Notice the narratives you self-dialogue in your head and speak aloud to others about your struggles. How are you talking to yourself and others about struggle? In the Old Scottish-Irish language of Gaelick there is a phrase that loosely translates to, “I have sadness upon me” versus “I am sad”. You are not your struggle. A simple word change can really alter the narrative. 
2.) Get Connected. Building strong, positive relationships with friends, assigned or chosen family, colleagues, community members, etc can provide you with support, guidance and connection. At the end of the day, regardless of personality traits, we are mammals and we are meant to be in herds.
3.) Practice Self-Compassion. Self-compassion involves confronting our own hardships with attitudes of kindness, warmth, and egoless judgement.
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