Introducing, the Alexandria Campus Sensory Room!

The Alexandria Campus Therapists are excited to announce the upcoming opening of the new Sensory Room!

The Therapy Team has spent several months diligently working to develop a variety of sensory input stations (tactile, proprioceptive, vestibular, visual, olfactory, psychological, physiological) that will promote proactive nervous system and mood regulation. Students and staff alike will proactively access this calming therapeutic environment on a rotating schedule basis.

The Sensory Room is set to open on February 6th!

View photos of the space below.




Learn About the Stations

Stop, Drop and Get Rolled

To provide a soft padded area for students to sit or lay on to receive proprioceptive and vestibular input from the therapy balls.

  • Vestibular input (movement) from bouncing on a therapy ball can provide both a calming and alerting experience depending on a student and his/her sensory needs.
  • Proprioceptive input (pressure) can provide a calming and organizing effect to students by helping them understand where their body is in space.

Light It Up/Touch to Texture Wall

  • The hexagon lights combine visual and tactile sensations for an interactive component on a tactile wall.
  • The canvas leather kickboxing striking punch bags provide an opportunity for proprioception and heavy work. This creates a calming/organized effect, and allows for big movements to support physiological release as a part of self-regulation.
  • The sensory mini mats support students who are sensory seekers, providing gentle sensory input for tactile defensiveness.
  • The ABC look and feel bag is an educational fidget that combines tactile exploration and visual perception as students squish the bag and scan for different letters.
  • The liquid-encased decorative tiles provide an opportunity for sensory exploration and proprioceptive input through the legs and feet as students step, stop, kneel, and interact with the tiles.

Swing and Snug Corner

  • Leaf Swing: The leaf chair is balanced to provide controlled, gentle, repetitive swaying motions to create a patterned and calming effect.
  • Body Sock: Provides proprioceptive input to assist our students with self-regulation and spatial awareness by encouraging them to engage in dynamic movements.
  • Tunnel Pop-Up: Creates multi-sensory experiences for students to feel visually enclosed while practicing their spatial awareness.

Mindfulness Corner

  • Full body physiological relaxation and calming the mind.
  • Activities include explicit psychologically calming mindfulness exercises on: Heart and Belly Breathing, Feeling my Strength, Grounding in the Present, Managing Anxiety, Relaxing and Restoring, Engaging my Compassion, Checking In with My Feelings.

Day Dream Den

  • Combines visual and tactile sensations and input. 
  • Intentionally designed for psychological mental dissociation otherwise known as “day dreaming”
  • Allows students to day dream, affirm themselves, script internally, imagine hypotheticals, image scenarios, control/watch/request different visual input, and release environmental expectations.
  • Activities include the “Dream Jar”, “Set an Intention” Jar, Grounding in the Present, Managing Anxiety, Relaxing and Restoring, Engaging my Compassion, Checking In with My Feelings.



A big “thank you” to the APTS Therapists, Facilities Team and Admin staff who helped bring the Sensory Room to life! 

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