March is National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month

Nutrition is a cornerstone of APTS Food Services and our HealthyPath program. We are continuing to enhance our menu for Free & Reduced Lunches as well as the offerings of our Smoothie and HealthySnack programs.

During this year’s National Nutrition Month join us in exploring good nutrition and working on the following realistic ways to eat healthier this month.

  • Go, go, H20! – Drinking water helps in nearly every aspect of wellness, but drinking the recommended amount per day can be tough.
  • Opt for color – Bright greens from crunchy vegetables or vibrant reds from tangy fruit will not only make your meal instagram-worthy, they’ll give you a healthy boost.
  • Shop the perimeter – Shopping a supermarket’s outside aisles ensures that you’re getting healthy alternatives to processed foods like produce, meat, and dairy.


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