We appreciate your interest in Alternative Paths. Making the right school choice is a major decision and can render a substantial difference in the quality of education a student receives. That’s why our staff is prepared to help you learn more about our program and what it has to offer your child.

Our program services a diverse community of learners. Whether the concerns are Developmental Delays or Intellectual, you can be assured that our services extend across the areas of emotional, behavioral, social, medical (to some degree), and mental health needs.

Since we are an accredited year round school, serving students each month of the year, your child can enroll at any time.

Our students represent a culturally diverse population, further enriching and preparing them for life long success! Please know that we carefully review each application and referral request which comes to us in consideration of enrollment. We ensure that your child’s classroom is staffed according to her respective learning needs, and therefore, our classroom ratios are more frequently smaller than the average private special education school.

Because we are so proud of our students’ success rate, do contact our respective campuses when you are ready to place your child. We look forward to meeting you soon!

For placement consideration, please contact:
Stephanie Kennedy
Regional Education Director of the
Alexandria Campus


Michael Williams
Regional Education Director of the
Stafford Campus
Tiffany Seal
Regional Education Director of the
Manassas Campus


  1. What are your tuition fees/costs?
    Student placements are made via an IEP Team decision; funding is provided by the Children’s Services Act (CSA).
  2. Can I enroll my child at APTS?
    No. APTS accepts placements made by public school representatives.  If you believe your child requires more support during their school day, discuss this with your child’s IEP Team.
  3. What is the enrollment window?
    APTS is a year round day program and students can be placed at any time, pending acceptance.
  4. Do you use time-out rooms?
    APTS does not use time-out rooms or seclusion techniques.  APTS uses proactive and reactive strategies to support our students and work through a student’s maladaptive behavior while maintaining their health and safety.
  5. What diplomas are graduates awarded?
    Eligible students undergo the Standards of Learning (SOLs) assessments; other students are assessed using the Virginia Alternate Assessment Program (VAAP).  APTS’ students graduate from high school having earned Advanced, Standard and Applied Studies diplomas.
  6. How can I get in touch, or learn more?
    Please use the contact information below to reach out to one of our Regional Education Directors.