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In Their Own Words…

APTS has completely changed the course of my son’s life since he became a student there. He started in 2nd grade, having behavior issues, speech and language barriers, using his behavior to express what he couldn’t articulate and not really benefitting from the general classroom setting. The staff at APTS is so diligent in their service to their students. They make sure every T is crossed and I is dotted when it comes to students successfully being able to navigate their educational environment. My son started out needing an escort in the hallway by his side for every transition he made, as well as taking more time working on behaviors and needing frequent breaks during academic times. Now he’s in 7th grade, and because of the intricate reports and support that was given directly to his specific needs, my son is able to successfully navigate APTS hallways on his own, operate his own locker, he’s learned self-regulating strategies and completes assignments on time as well as successfully participating in standardized testing. Words merely express my gratitude and appreciation for the staff at APTS. While all of his teachers have been wonderful, I’m always impressed to be out in the community and a face I’m not familiar with recognizes my son, and he knows them. They then introduce themselves to me as a staff member at APTS; indicating it is very much a team effort and not just the people in your child’s classroom care about him, they all do!

-Sheena, Proud Parent

“…For Kelton and many others like him, there is a tremendous need for such services including long term housing, transition to work services, and meaningful work opportunities for the disabled. These have never been in greater need. I’m extremely grateful for organizations like APTS that take on these hard tasks in life. Thank you for helping to support such an important cause.”

Phil Bullock, Apple Inc.