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APTS Abroad

Our mission abroad is to tear down the walls separating refugee children with disabilities from a better quality of life through education, training and modeling for their families and caregivers. Check out our most recent trip to JORDAN.

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The APTS Path is also a Bridge.
Everyone is familiar with APTS’ start in 2002 as we established our first school with the mission to provide students with the knowledge and practical skills essential for their successful integration into the community. That initial community was one county and since then, thanks to our amazing staff, students, and stakeholders, we have expanding operations significantly. When we were working on our new logo we began to reexamine our goals. “Charting a Path to Success” came from our realization that we have a broader goal now. It came from looking at our existing campuses and locations around the country where we were operating. The idea of the compass and the chart is to communicate that APTS sees itself having a global impact in those areas where individuals with severe behavioral needs live. We have expanded from the Fairfax and Alexandria area into Fredericksburg, Stafford, and Manassas, and over the years have represented APTS in China, Dubai and most recently Jordon. This has been possible with guidance from local counties, state agencies, US state departments, and world aid organizations. Our vision that all students and individuals with special needs be able to find a safe, supported path of growth and opportunity within APTS is being realized as we find those in most need.
In Jordan, we found those in most need, who do not have any means. There is a common expression our team would hear when locals were asked about when certain of their needs might be met. The locals would reply, “InShaAllahArabic: إن شاء الله‎‎” meaning “One day, God willing.” These needs are in areas of very basic necessities. They included food, clothing, safety, and education. How can our teams witness these needs and not want to help? Today, APTS hopes to make that “one day” happen sooner. Whether Fairfax, Jordon, or Appalachia, we want to positively impact individuals with severe behavioral needs wherever we find them. We are very fortunate to be able to optimize relationships we are establishing both locally and worldwide to facilitate and support many of these new ventures. To accomplish this, our path has become a bridge, as we continue to cross state lines and oceans to find the next individual who needs our help.

Thank you to all who are making this possible.
-Alan El’Tagi